about kodkod

Kodkod is an efficient SAT-based constraint solver for first order logic with relations, transitive closure, bit-vector arithmetic, and partial models. It provides analyses for both satisfiable and unsatisfiable problems: a finite model finder for the former and a minimal unsatisfiable core extractor for the latter. Kodkod is used in a wide range of applications, including code checking, test-case generation, declarative execution, declarative configuration, and lightweight analysis of Alloy, UML, and Isabelle/HOL.

Designed as a plugin component that can be easily incorporated into other tools, Kodkod provides a clean Java interface for constructing, manipulating, and solving constraints. The implementation is open-source and available for download under the MIT license. The source code is extensively documented, and the distribution includes many examples demonstrating the use of the Kodkod API.


Emina Torlak (emina at alum.mit.edu)