current release (2.1)

Kodkod 2.1 includes bug fixes and updated bindings for various SAT solvers. See the release notes for details.

source code

github repository
Kodkod source code, examples, tests, and build scripts.

precompiled binaries

Kodkod binary. This is a platform-independent Java library. It requires Java 8 and a SAT solver library.
sat4j 2.3.5
SAT libraries. The SAT4J solver is a platform-independent Java library and can be obtained from the project website. Pre-compiled native libraries for other supported solvers (Glucose, MiniSat, Lingeling, and Plingeling) are included in the platform-specific archives.

optional downloads

Binaries for the example programs demonstrating the use of the Kodkod API. This is a platform-independent Java library.
An archive of the API documentation for offline viewing.

Previous versions of Kodkod are available here.